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Our BitBolt community is made of traders who have studied many ways to trade Bitcoin. We name them 'Early Bitcoin investors' since they started investing about ten years ago. All of these members are currently very successful, and you can become one too!

What is BitBolt's Success Formula?

With so many trading software companies in the market, we had to look for a way to make our app stand out among the others. Thanks to that, BitBolt has a proven track record of being one of the best online trading software on the market today. Here are the main things that make BitBolt stand out:

Peak Performance

Using BitBolt can guarantee a high success rate on all your trades. This is the only software that can reach a significantly high accuracy. Few other platforms are close to this one. Due to the high rate of accuracy, most people trust their money with BitBolt.

State-of-the-Art Technology

BitBolt can work faster than all the other platforms, making it one of the most advanced apps for trading right now. While milliseconds might not look like much, it can make a massive difference in the trading world. Being milliseconds faster than someone else can mean that you land a trading opportunity that makes you rich!

Trade with BitBolt in Three Easy Steps

Step One – Registration

BitBolt doesn't have any registration or hidden fees. As soon as the team approves your application form, you instantly become a member of our community! When you get approved, you can start using the BitBolt app for free.

Step Two – Finances

Keep in mind that you need an initial investment to start earning money. Every successful business requires an investment to start earning! You just need $250 or more to use BitBolt. Every earning that you make through the app, including your initial investment, is all yours.

Step Three – Trading

The app comes with two different modes: 'Automated' and 'Manual.' You can choose either one, depending on your trading experience. After you set up the app's parameters, click on 'Trade' and start trading Bitcoin!

Experience the benefits of becoming a BitBolt member.

  • Use your Bitcoins to pay for goods and services.
  • Save up your traditional currency.
  • Travel to the most expensive destinations in the world.
  • Go on to the best hotels.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that Bitcoins may be hard to understand at first, so if you have any questions regarding cryptocurrencies or BitBolt, we can gladly help you out! We compiled the most frequently asked questions that we've got over the years so you can get the essential information right away! If there's something else that you need help with, you can email us.

What is a Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is commonly known as a form of 'digital currency.' They are a type of cryptocurrency that doesn't have any administrators or central banks. The great thing about Bitcoin is that it's continually expanding itself globally. Most merchants are now accepting Bitcoins as a payment method, along with traditional currencies.

Making a transaction with Bitcoin is similar to a normal one. You can choose to send a portion of a Bitcoin (or a complete one, if you want) to other people. Every detail of the transaction is confidential, and it's stored on blockchains.

What Does a Bitcoin Look Like?

A Bitcoin doesn't have the look of a traditional coin since it's a virtual currency. However, it's as real and valuable as conventional money.

Bitcoins are stored in a virtual wallet that you can download to your computer or portable device, such as laptops, phones, or tablets.

What Is a Bitcoin's Value?

When the Bitcoin first appeared on the market in 2009, its price was about less than $1. However, its price is constantly changing, so there's no general answer to this question. Some estimates say that a single bitcoin could be worth more than $50,000 by the end of this year. The value of Bitcoin is so volatile that people see it as an opportunity to earn.

How Does a Bitcoin Work?

Bitcoin works essentially the same as traditional money. When you make a purchase with your Bitcoins, you transfer them to the seller automatically. One single Bitcoin can be very valuable since they can be worth thousands of dollars each. Bitcoins can be used to buy goods/services or change them for cash. Bitcoin transactions are electronic, and each one is verified through the exchange platform.

What Are the Advantages of Using Bitcoin?

  • Bitcoins are easier to store in a safe place since they're virtual currencies.
  • Bitcoins are legal in the U.S.
  • Many merchants from around the world are now accepting cryptocurrency as a payment method, so you can use your Bitcoins to pay safely for goods or services.
  • A single Bitcoin is worth much more than hundreds of dollars.
  • Bitcoins are not managed by any bank entity or by the government. If you want to make your transactions as anonymous as possible, Bitcoin transactions allow you to do that.
  • The transactions can't be traced to you unless you tell someone.
  • All your Bitcoin transactions are stored in blockchains, which reduces the number of fake coins or copied coins.

What Are the Requirements to Use the BitBolt App? Do I Need to Have Experience in Trading?

The best thing about BitBolt is that you don't need to have any experience in trading to use it! Both new and experienced traders can use this app without any issues.

The latest version of BitBolt allows you to set trading parameters in a matter of minutes. If you have any doubts, the app can help you through the setup.

If you're already into more advanced trading, you can still use BitBolt to assess your trading strategies and analysis. You can also test the app's accuracy in the trading markets before deciding to execute an important trade.

You can choose between two modes, which are 'Automatic' and 'Manual.' The 'Manual' setting allows you to take control of every aspect of your trades. However, with the 'Automated' setting, you can set the software to trade on your behalf.

Is it Hard to Trade on BitBolt?

You don't need any previous experience in trading to use this app. If you know how to use a computer or a phone/tablet, you can use this app easily. The trading process consists of trading Bitcoin CFDs (Contracts for Differences), rather than making buy or sell trades from an exchange site. All you have to do is speculate (as accurately as you can) on Bitcoin's price.

How Does the BitBolt App Work?

This app works as a comprehensive and automated trading app, which was designed to execute trades in the Bitcoin Market. Thanks to the app's algorithm and technology, it has won many awards. The BitBolt algorithm works by analyzing vast amounts of past and existing market data; after that, it applies the technical and fundamental analysis of the market data to look for the best trades possible.

The most popular thing about BitBolt is that it gives you a high accuracy rate, eliminating most of the risk on a trade. As a bonus, the app works milliseconds faster than any other software on the market, which allows the app to know the direction a market is going to beforehand.

Some of the parameters that you can set before using the BitBolt app are the following:

  • Determine the amount of money that you want to invest in.
  • Assess the risk factors.
  • Choose a trading strategy.
  • Select the kinds of assets that you wish to trade.

While you have two different modes to work, the most popular mode among users is the 'Automated Mode.' This is because the work does everything for you; you just have to set up the parameters listed above. After the app finds a trading opportunity that matches your parameters, it instantly executes a trade order on your behalf.

If you want to be more in control of your trades, you can set the app to 'Manual,' which gives you complete control of your trades. Some experienced traders prefer to use this mode because they like the thrill of trading, while also getting some help from the app.

You are free to choose the mode that works best for you.

What Can I Expect from BitBolt?

The amount that you earn from your investments depends on you! Some of our most hard-working members earn a lot each day, and some other members earn even more than that! 

If you want to make a lot of money using the app, you need to give it your best. Using the app is as straightforward as following the guidelines listed below:

  • The more money you invest, the more money you could earn.
  • The more trading opportunities that you find, the higher the chances are of you making more money.
  • With BitBolt, you can earn as much money as you want.

What Are the Benefits of Using the 'Automated' Setting on the App?

Trading usually involves a lot of pressure, stress, and fast decision-making. You could miss the trade of your life by a split second if you don't think fast! Thanks to BitBolt, most of these worries are a thing of the past now.

Every trade you find with the app is executed instantly, so you don't have to worry about missing an opening.

People are controlled by emotions easily, so traders could lose an opening just because they were stressed out. When a trader is too emotional, they can make reckless decisions that affect them negatively. However, the BitBolt app works by using statistics, and since it's a machine, it's not affected by emotions. When you are done setting up the app's parameters, it is going to work based on those parameters.

Remember that you can choose to go with 'Automatic' or 'Manual' settings. Going manual is more suited to experienced traders who can handle intense emotions and periods of stress while analyzing the market data. If you are a newer trader, we suggest that you go with the 'Automatic' setting.

You can set up the app in a few minutes each day. After you do that, you're free of any stressful decision making.

Whenever the market conditions match your parameters, the app can automatically execute a trade order on your behalf, enhancing your chances of earning money.

What Are the Fees to Join BitBolt?

There are no extra fees for joining our community! After your registration is approved, you can use the app for free, and keep all your earnings.

How Do I Get Started on BitBolt?

  • Submit your application.
  • After your application is approved, your account is automatically activated.
  • Select the amount of investment that you want to make (Remember that the minimum is $250)
  • That's it! Since we don't take any money from you, you can keep all your earnings (including your initial investment).
How Many Hours Do I Have to Work a Day?

With BitBolt, you only need a few minutes of your day to start trading. After you set the app's parameters, you can let the app do the rest of the work.

If you wish to let the app do everything for you, set up the following parameters:

  • The amount of money that you want to invest.
  • The assets that you wish to trade.
  • Determine the risk level that you want the app to buy.
  • Select the trading strategy that you want.

BitBolt can do anything that you want it to do. Set the app's parameters, and you're good to go.

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